Perfect Waffle Maker

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Restful Panda knows you should be able to have the perfect waffle wherever you go.

That's why we're proud to offer the Perfect Waffle Maker for every occasion.

 Just grease, pour your batter until it covers the top square, and bake!

Viola... Perfect every time.

If you're celiac or have a wheat sensitivity, it's nice to know you'll have a clean cooking surface.

Just pop into the dishwasher whenever you're done.

We have less than 100 units in stock at this spectacular opening rate. 

Length: approx.285 mm
Width: approx.185 mm 

||## Opening Rate Special ##||


 As of July 2: We have less than 100 units in stock and are offering them at a 50% OFF discount. Once they have been happily purchased we will raise the rate. Don't worry! The full retail rate is still a great deal for the perfect waffle.